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Cutting-Edge Technology to Grow Your Business

The lightning-fast POS system your restaurant deserves, designed by people who know restaurants for people who run restaurants.

Say hello to SpotOn Restaurant—the lightning fast cloud-based point-of-sale solution designed to unlock the full potential of your restaurant.

We proudly serve the southeast including greater Savannah, Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort, Brunswick and St Simons. Here are Just Some of the Businesses Already Powered by One Stop.


Jamie Durrence

General Manager
As an operator that strives to maintain a current position in the marketplace, both in the eyes of the consumer and from an operational standpoint, are rapidly changing and can one can easily feel 'behind the times.' It is critical to purchase from a provider that remains current; one that is in touch with the advancing technology. It is why we choose One Stop I.T as trusted technology provider. They makes our restaurants more efficient and improve our customers satisfaction.

Temo Ortiz

Bottom line is that a POS system is only as good as the guys who train you on it and the guys who will fix it if it comes down at midnight on a busy Friday night! Even the best computer will eventually fail, freeze or fry so it boils down to how quickly they get my restaurant back up and running. You want the guys at One Stop I.T. because they get it and will get you back online quickly.


Since 2006, One Stop I.T. has managed their clients’ technology needs so that the client can focus on what they do best … running their business.


We’re within arms reach whenever you and your team needs support.

Always available

We come to you, whenever you need support, training, or just advice.
24h emergency POS support.

About Us

We’re able to come to your business in person, provide in-depth demos of our systems, and train you on making the most of your new system. 

One Stop I.T. provides POS systems, managed services, telecommunications, network design, installation, support, and data back-up services to businesses.

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Our Mission

PROVIDING cutting edge point of sale technology with tangible, local support!

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